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Rules for considering applications related to the placement of content by users on the IPTV.LIVE website

The contents of the IPTV.LIVE site ( ) includes texts, graphic images, design elements, playlists and other objects (hereinafter - the Content). Site content is the content created on the website (design) or uploaded to the site by registered Users (texts, graphic images, playlists and other objects).

IPTV.LIVE is a thematic social network for professionals and amateurs in the field of IPTV. The structure of the site allows anyone who has access to the Internet to change its content. Therefore, the Website and its Content are freely available, as an act of goodwill, the way "it is", without entering into any agreements or contracts between You, the users of this Site, the Administration, the owners of the servers on which it is hosted, or anyone else in any way related to this or similar projects. By sending materials, the sending party guarantees and confirms that it owns the copyright to these materials, has received permission to publish from the copyright holder, or that these materials are in the public domain and are posted in accordance with the law or the requirements of the original source. The sending party also guarantees and confirms that the recipient has the full and unlimited right to send these materials, and this does not infringe anyone's rights and legitimate interests.

Administration of IPTV.LIVE complies with the law and does not control or censor the use of technical features of the Site by Users. Users have the right to take advantages of the Site to exchange information, as well as discuss the quality and use of goods and services of third parties in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, it is impossible to exclude cases when Users can illegally store, transfer, distribute and provide access to information and intellectual property using the Website.

With regard to the protection of intellectual rights in connection with User Content on the Website
IPTV.LIVE acts as an information intermediary in accordance with the current legislation and takes measures to curb the relevant violations according to the claims of copyright holders.

If you find Content on the Website that you think is illegal, please let us know. We ask you to understand that in the absence of the necessary amount of information about the alleged violation and ownership of rights, we will not be able to properly respond to your application.

All claims will be considered within a reasonable time.

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